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Calgary Light Rail Vehicles – SD 160NG

Calgary LRT SD 160NG by Siemens - Duwag

Calgary LRT SD 160NG by Siemens - Duwag

Calgary’s light rail line, one of the first in the North American continent’s light rail renaissance of the 1980′s, is known for it’s Siemens cars which are identical to those of the San Diego trolley. Since then, new cars have been added.

Calgary Transit operates a fleet of 156 Siemens – Duwag built Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) that run on 44.9 kilometers of track and service 36 stations. The “CTrain” as it is known today began operation in 1981 May with one line, starting at Anderson Station and ending at 8 Street West Station.

Since then, the CTrain System has expanded several times as shown in the chronology below.

1985 April 29 – N.E. line opens from Whitehorn Station to 8 Street West Station
1987 September 7 – N.W line opens. Route 201 now travels from Anderson Station in the south to the University of Calgary in the north.
1990 August 31 – N.W. line is extended to Brentwood Station
2001 October 26 – S.W. line is extended to Fish Creek/Lacomb
2003 December 15 – N.W. line is extended to Dalhousie
2004 June 28 – S.W. line is extended to Somerset/Bridlewood
2007 December 17 – N.E. line is extended to McKnight/Westwinds
2009 June 15 – N.W. line is extended to Crowfoot
2012 August 27 – N.E. line is extended to include Martindale and Saddletowne
2012 December 10 – New West LRT line completed from downtown to 69 Street SW.

SD 160NG (Delivery 2010 – 2012) Technical parameters:

Steel body
Suspension type: Megi rubber chevron, double coil springs
Type of brakes: Re-generative / dynamic, disc, and magnetic track brakes
Dead weight (tonnes): SD 160 42.0
Maximum payload vehicle (tonnes): 17
Service Accelerations (m/s2): 1.34
Service Deceleration (m/s2): 1.34
Maximum Acceleration (m/s2): 1.34
Maximum Deceleration (m/s2): 3.0
Overall length of vehicle (m): 24.82
Overall length of a 3 vehicle train (m): 74.4
Overall width of vehicle (m): 2.65
Number of doors per vehicle: 4 each side
Sliding/plug width of doors (mm): 1,300
Height of doors (mm): 1,900
Practical passenger capacity: 226
56 passengers seated
Number of motors per train: two each end 4
Type of power: AC
Motor rating: 145 kw at 1588 rpm
Type of power collection: pantograph
Power consumption (kwh per veh-km of operation) at: 3.5
Auxiliary input power (volts): 24

from: Calgary Transit’s Official Website

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